School stories

The principal of International School Savremena and Academic Director of the Institute for Contemporary Education, Dr Svetlana Belić Malinić, was invited to present at the University of Oxford, at one of the most influential gatherings for educators, Education Research Symposium, which took place from 4 until 6 December 2019.

Distinguished scholars put their heads together

The Oxford Education Research Symposium is a forum for the presentation of papers and discourse of universal education. Distinguished scholars from all around the world meet three times a year in order to share their research findings, recommendations and best practices, which further guide educational policies and strategies. As one of the leading specialists on international education, Svetlana shared her insightful observations collected at Savremena with other educators, who joined this forum in order to learn more about innovations and research in education and education-related fields.

The educational research we carry out at Savremena is a valuable tool which helps us adjust teaching approaches. In order to excel, both teachers and students need to unlearn and relearn new patterns, which are informed by the research findings, explained Svetlana at the symposium.

Savremena as a case study school

Oxford scholars recognised the authentic ethos nourished at Savremena. It is a school where the growth mindset is ignated through metacognitive strategies and critical thinking, highlighted Svetlana in her lecture. Teachers as role models are an important asset for the school so we strive to provide them with professional development at our Institute. Collaboration and coaching are fantastic non-invasive mechanisms, which help educators re-invent their pedagogies, she emphasised.

Svetlana’s colleagues appreciated the knowledge shared and admitted that they would like to replicate some of the good practices already implemented at International School Savremena.