School stories

Students of International School Savremena visited Games.CON on Sunday 8 December and together with their Mathematics and Computer Science Teachers had a blast.

About Games.CON

Games.CON is the largest gaming and pop culture festival in the region, crafted with the ideaof bringing together fans of all kinds of games – from virtual reality, via PCand mobile gaming and consoles, to traditional board games.

As a gaming festival, Games.CON is the home of the best of the gaming industry and cutting-edge technology, as well as the largest and most numerous e-sports tournaments. As a festival of popular culture, Games.CON is a place where fans interact with the most popular film, television and comic book franchises.

The epicentre of entertainment

As fans of good, real entertainment students of International School Savremena felt right at home at this gaming and pop culture festival. They participated in the ultimate gaming experience. The most interesting were various types of virtual reality games, battle arena video games, third person shooter, battle royale games and amazing board and card games.

Apart from enriching their knowledge in the field of modern technology, Savremena’s students enjoyed participating in games such as Guitar Hero, Fortnite and League of Legends. It was an unforgettable Sunday.