School stories

Education is all about stretching oneself and trying to do your very best in a limited time frame to impress examiners! When the results are out, there is always that moment of apprehension for the students and their teachers about whether the work put in during the year will bear the desired results.

Let us introduce you to International School Savremena’s super-achievers

Everyone knows about straight-A students. We see them frequently in TV sitcoms and in movies. They get high grades, yes, but they are clumsy at sports and their heads are always buried in books. How, then, do we account for Jana Marinović for example? A top athlete with brilliant grades.

Jana Marinović has always been extremely curious about the world around her. Science always intrigued her so her decision to study Computer Science came naturally: My goal has always been to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world. I am amazed by the research and internship opportunities they offer. It would be an honour to be taught by some of the most influential computer scientists of our era. I am sure that any of these universities will enable me to expand my views in every aspect of life.

For Elena Ćuća, the most important human values are kindness and good morals, which is why she has decided to dedicate her life to medicine. From the moment I met the fascinating wonders and faults of the most powerful, yet highly vulnerable machine known as the human body, my interest for it only grew, and the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to know, Elena says. Elena sees herself in the laboratory of the Karolinska Institutet, University of Edinburgh, Yale, or maybe even at the University of Cambridge.

Maša Mitić is one of our super-achievers who always gives her best to fulfil her free time efficiently – she volunteers, organises street art festivals, helps children in care. I strive to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. Considering people’s values, quality of education, and lifestyle, I would like to study in either Finland or New Zealand, Maša shares with us her future plans.

Staša Milenković wants her younger sister to be proud of her and be someone her sister would look up to. Helping others is a gratifying experience for me and through clinical psychology I can learn how to improve other people’s lives and also use that knowledge to help me succeed in my personal life and create a prosperous future for myself. Even though it is a difficult area to navigate, with hard work and steady motivation I am certain I can excel as a clinical psychologist, Staša claims while proudly showing her A’s.

I have always been fond of the world of architecture. The more I learn about it, the more my passion for it grows and it has become a path that I would like to pursue in the future. What attracts me the most about architecture is the combination of creativity and problem-solving. For me, architecture is a way of interpreting our society in a physical form, Una Ivanović enthusiastically talks about her talents. She added that no journey is easy if you strive for great achievements. Una would like to study in Canada or somewhere in Asia, but she’s not picky with countries because hard work and talent is universally appreciated.

Being a competent, mature and opinionated young person, Isidora Šmitran learnt at International School Savremena how to overcome obstacles on a meandering road to success. My subjects, Psychology, Sociology and English provide me with great knowledge for the Psychology major I chose for university. A combination of science, determination and selflessness emphasise all the qualities that I value and wish to pursue later on in life. My first choice of university is Durham University, others being Sheffield, St. Andrews, King’s College and Royal Holloway, proudly says Isidora.

In the seventh grade, Anja Gajić knew she wanted to be a doctor. Even though she doesn’t know yet which area she wants to specialise in, one thing is for sure – she wants to study medicine. I choose medicine because, besides from being a personally interesting job, it is a noble profession where I can help people daily. My number one university that I would like to go to is the Harvard University. Besides that, I wish to study either in Sweden or Canada, our future doctor aspires.

Being educated in both the Serbian and the British system, and managing to excel in both, Teodora Đokić is confident that she possesses extensive knowledge in various fields in both social and natural sciences. As an aspiring economist, I seek to obtain the best possible education that I can, breaking the boundaries of the ‘comfort zone’ and constantly looking for new ways in which I can improve my skills and knowledge. I strongly believe that with the right strategy and hard work, one can achieve their full potential, Teodora highlights.

Brains aren’t the only answer and hard work isn’t the whole story. Knowing how to make the most of your innate abilities counts for more. Infinitely more! says Herbert Walberg, professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It’s not how long you sit there with the books open. It’s what you do while you’re sitting there.

In the end we wish to congratulate our hard-working students who made International School Savremena proud through their achievements.

Your scores are beyond imagination. Well done all!