School stories

The first Serbia Marathon was held on Sunday 17 November with a spectacular finish at the Belgrade Štark Arena. International School Savremena’s Year 11 students Jan Čubakov, Luka Vortić and Roko Damjanović, led by their PE teacher Uroš Krstović, took part in this racing spectacle, together with their peers from Savremena Gimnazija.

All runners are champions

Savremena’s students were very enthusiastic about the race. They ran the 21 km half-marathon in 2 hours and 18 minutes and went through the finish line together. Still, their PE teacher showed that he was in better shape and ran the full 42 km marathon. However, the students were ecstatic about their first great running achievement and their first half-marathon medal.

About Serbia Marathon

The first Serbia Marathon was organised by the Athletics Federation of Serbia, an institution that has been developing stadium and out-of-stadium athletics for 70 years. The race is organised according to the highest standards and regulations of the European Athletics and the “Run for All” programme. All races took place in New Belgrade. The start of the race was in front of the Belgrade Štark Arena and the finish line was inside the Arena.

International School Savremena is proud of its champions and looks forward to their achievements in the future.