School stories

Savremena’s students had a blast on 14 November when Physics and Computer Science teachers took them to Portal Gaming World. They were transported to another dimension just by walking through their magical door.

What is Portal Gaming World?

The name Portal wasn’t chosen by chance. By entering their gaming centre, you will feel like you’ve escaped the real world even though you are still in the heart of Belgrade. A lot of fun is guaranteed with various games, the latest gaming equipment and their relaxing Retro Zone. They have a passion towards entertainment and technology which inspired them to bring the newest gaming solutions and experiences to us. Just enjoying ourselves at their gaming centre’s is an experience in itself.

Win against yourself

At Portal Gaming World, the students were able to participate in various types of activities such as virtual reality games, pong tables, PS4 and XBOX games, interactive rock climbing, Orbot ball and much more. Surrounded by cool and trippy lighting effects, they enjoyed plenty of games, some of which were all but sedentary, making the students feel like they just finished a workout session.

In addition, the students had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in information and digital technologies, and to actively participate in the fun that this technology provides.

International School Savremena introduced its students to a new concept of entertainment on this memorable day at Portal Gaming World.

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