School stories

International School Savremena had prepared various activities with plenty of interesting and creative content for the students. 

Savremena’s students started this school year in the adventurous classroom without walls allowing them to explore, compete and have fun.

Treasure hunting and optical illusions for Year 10

Year 10 students had to show their wit and intelligence in order to triumph in this activity. The Treasure Hunt at Kalemegdan was a true mental and physical exercise through a series of quiz questions. Split into smaller groups, the students received riddles and maps of Kalemegdan. Along the way, they learnt many new things about the Belgrade Fortress.

In the second week of the classroom without walls, the students visited the Museum of Illusions. They travelled through time and had an intriguing visual and auditory experience.

Savremeni prvaci na početku školske godine

Golf Day and Orienteering for Year 11

During a challenging Golf Day, Year 11 students demonstrated their concentration skills. The students eagerly participated in this sophisticated yet very engaging activity.

The following week, the students went to Hyde Park where they took part in an orienteering adventure. They enjoyed finding their way in nature and overcoming many obstacles.

Playing detectives and horse riding for Year 12

The students stepped into the shoes of a detective at the Nikola Tesla escape room. In groups of seven, the students had to overcome obstacles in the room in order to find the exit. They achieved this through teamwork, ingenuity and deduction.

Exciting activities continued into the following week as Year 12 students enjoyed horse riding at the Belgrade Racecourse. They learnt how to improve their balance and lifted their spirits while spending time with those beautiful animals.

Teamwork and excitement for Year 13

Year 13 students put their airsoft skills to the test outdoors and had a blast. They enjoyed the adrenaline buzz and had fun in this challenging activity.

The oldest students played football, but of a different type. Bubble football meant lots of fun for Year 13 students who once again displayed team spirit during this unusual game.

Sports Day at Ada

The students of International School Savremena concluded the classroom without walls with sports activities. They formed several student teams and competed in seven entertaining disciplines, while the teachers acted as coaches.

International School Savremena cares not only about educating and nurturing its students’ spirit, but it also pays due attention to their healthy lifestyle. That’s the main reason for organising the unique, fun and character building classroom without walls.